Sunday, April 3, 2011

Emerson™ Digital Camera Binoculars Manual


One day you find it, the heart is awakened and gradually feel you do not control, time passes and something is growing inside you, you want more, you realize that life is so you can not ask, just enjoy what you have and appreciate what they give you, but you still want more.

pass during the days turn into months and you feel it is huge, then come the fears and selfishness of wanting him every minute in your hands, but you know you should not be so, that's not love.

Valoras and you realize, that is with you all he can and he shares his time with the same enthusiasm as you, but when it moves away, the question arises again, you think you will break your heart, you may not feel like you, maybe he will leave and perhaps you should have prepared for that day and not give so much of yourself.

then understand why what you have will always be with you, your life you can not control and so come back and find it again at your side, just as when he left a few days before, then share thousands of beautiful, fun and just moments, moments that are already anchored in your soul forever, inside you and you realize that's the only thing you control, which really belongs to you, that's your time, you never go away.

Share those moments is what matters, what gives meaning to everything.
is when you realize you have learned to love.

I love you ...!!



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